Dog Psychology

Dog psychology is about understanding the language your dog speaks. Dogs communicate in a very different way than humans do. And this is where lots of miscommunication starts. Lots of dog owners think their dog understand human language. To a degree this is true. Dogs pick up some words we often repeat. And as dogs are super intelligent, they also read us. They know about the way we talk, walk and behave.

dog psychology is about understanding the way your dog communicates with the world around him

Learning about Dog Psychology is Fun!


There is a huge difference in the way dogs communicate versus how people communicate. Human psychology is much more complicated than dog psychology. If you are open and willing to dive into the world of dog communication, you will start an incredible journey. You will Love it! And so will your dog!

Understanding dog psychology is fun and it will lead to better understanding why your dog does certain things the way he does. And why lots of human behavior is very confusing for dogs. Which is often the cause of frustration, anxiety, problem behavior and even health issues.

About me and why I started Dog Psychology


My name is Anja. I am a woman from the Netherlands, living together with my 3 dogs in a beautiful city. I love dogs! My pack is incredible. There is joy, fun and balance. We are so happy together. I learned about dog psychology when I was in my twenties and I never stopped learning. I still do. Every day I discover new wonderful things. I am always on the watch for whatever helps to make my dogs even happier than they are now.

Before I really got into the world of dog behavior and how they communicate, I didn’t have that much balance. Until I learned about it and started applying what I learned.

The psychology of dogs has nothing to do with dog training


Dog training is easy. Anyone can learn it. And dog training is fun of course. I do it. But it is not what dog psychology is about. It is about personal and spiritual development. It is about finding balance and joy in yourself first. I am so thankful for the wise lessons I learned from all the dogs I had in my life. Dogs are such a blessing to me!

I am disabled. I walk my pack with a walker. There is never a problem. The great thing about dogs is, that they don’t see me as a disabled person. They always make the best of each and every day. As long as my energy is balanced and happy, so are my amazing pack members!

Leading a pack has nothing to do with physical strength


If they would want to, my dogs could easily drag me around the streets. They never do. Because it is not about who is the one with the biggest muscles.

I am so thankful I know about dogs and my deepest desire and wish is to teach other dog owners about it. To support you in growing that wonderful relationship anyone can have with his dog. No matter your age or physical appearance. No matter where you live, where you come from or what your annual income is. Dogs don’t care about these things.

It is not hard to learn doggy language

The psychology of dogs is simple and beautiful. If you really love your dog, you want to understand him. Rather than trying to make your dog understand you. You can only be a great pack leader if you communicate in a way that is good for your dog. Only then you can be a happy team together!

In the eyes of your dog, humans are complicated beings who are hard to understand. To truly understand. Some things they will sort of understand, but never to the fullest. Dogs don’t get the details of human emotions and why we have them. Yes, they understand it when you are for example sad or happy or annoyed or even angry. But what they don’t understand is the big why. Lots of human emotions are a sign of instability to your dog.

If you understand dog psychology, you will know, that dogs are looking for balance. When the human pack leader is out of balance, it will confuse your dog. He will do all to get you back in balance, because the safety of the pack is, besides food, water and shelter, his top priority.

Dog psychology is fascinating

It is not a static thing. Every day we learn more about it and new insights become available. Never think you know it all. The knowledge we have now, will be history in a moment. So keep on learning and discovering. Be the best dog owner ever. At dog psychology we are here to assist you and educate you about your dog.

You will learn about normal and problem behavior. About how to raise a happy dog. And to enjoy the process in the meantime. Your relationship with your dog is supposed to be fun. The both of you should love the time you spend together. Which is only possible, if the both of you understand each other. Understanding dog psychology is a big help!

On this website you will find free articles, information, recommendations, etc. to offer you and your dog the best partnership ever. You can be best friends! My passion is to spread awareness and improve happiness between people and their doggy friends.

Dog psychology is there for you. Please feel free to ask us any question and we will do our best to provide you with the best answer possible. For free! You can do so by leaving a comment below each article and page on this website.